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July 7th, 2009

Had a great breakfast at Ian’s with Auntie Janet, Uncle Ted and Leslie nad Ann, Tim, Kim Lucy and Alex. It was a really great end to my holiday, and, as always, time was too short. I took the bus and Tube to Heathrow, and has to actually rush, as I had left the departure until the last minute. It was all quite unnecessary, as the flight was delayed (though that was after we all got on. Not a great flight back as naither passenger on either side of me enmgaged in conversation, so, as I was in the middle seat I was kinda trapped between tow untalkative sleepers. The rest of the plane seemed to be enjoying themselves though.

I was really strange getting back to Canada, one cause nobody searched my bags or anything, and where I came in to get my bags, there was a gaggle of porters there, and NONE OF THEM WERE SPEAKING ENGLISH! It was quite shocking! I was prepared to be back in Canada, and it was like I hadn’t got home yet! It took some time for me to get to the Arnold Brothers Yard in Milton, as the bus drivers were not to sure of how to make my connections, so it was quite late by the time I got to the yard.

After getting off the Go Bus in Milton, I headed straight to the nearest Tim Horton’s to get a real cup of coffee! Unfotunately, after I got to Milton, I couldn’t log onto the WIFI there. I missed the email Cliff ahd sent me to tell me which truck I was gonna drive home.

July 8th to July 12th, 2009

I didn’t get a load out until Friday, so I spent four days in Milton hanging out (with no Internet!) Anyway, It turned out not so bad, as I slowly had a chance to adapt to driving. I had thought I might forget how to drive a truck, but it slowly came back to me. My shifting was a little rusty and when I did get my trailer from Princess Auto, I did drive over the curb on the way out.

Typical drive back, and I was VERY HAPPY behind the wheel. I had my iPod and the road was dry and the sky was blue! I had plenty of time to get to Winnipeg, so I stopped overnight at Nairn Centre, had a reasonable meal there and made my usual stop at Walmart and bought some bread cheese and fruit Had dinner at Gloria’s Motel a Dunc Lake and stopped overnight at Nipigon. Passed a logbook check at Thunder Bay and stopped at Walmart at Dryden cause I had broken my cell phone charger. I was quite surprised I hadn’t lost my ability to back the truck up. My confidence level got quite a boost. Anyway, Walmart doesn’t sell chargers so I parked over at the Husky truck stop and walked over to Canadian Tire, got a charger and picked up a coffee and a Chicken Club sandwhich from Tim Horton’s. It suddenly struck me I had visited three VERY CANADIAN RETAIL SHOPS in the space of ten minutes, and I was suddenly happy to be back.

Rolled into Winnipeg, Home Safe and Sound! My holiday was over! Back to work…

On The Road Again!