The escalators at Leicester Square Tube Station terracotta model of house and sacrificial cow (or bull) I think its a Sumerian box, but I could be wrong The other side of the Sumerian box, offerings for some king London University Ladies of Russell Square shopping Russell Square Tube Station I coulda sworn there was a JJ Lyons somewhere about! Picadilly ain't the same with Eros covered in billboards for a musical A Sign From God Relief of Mary Magdalene dedicated to someone or another St. Mary Magdalene Church, Richmond St. Mary Magdalene Church only closer St. Mary Magdalene Church door Richmond, Surrey bulls head at the British Museum phoenix on Ian's Fire Guard ram in the thicket. Read about Abraham and Isaac Russell Square man, bicycle, double decker and call box. What could be more British? Russell Square man, bicycle, double decker and call box in black and white, that's what! A Message from the Underground Russell Square station